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A Story to Learn From

Run Away Girl

A Collection of Stories that Promote Healing

Keep it High: Thoughts in a New Light

Vulnerable & True Stories of 2020's Life Lessons

What Twenty Twenty Taught Me

Self-help Workbook

Emotional Healing 101

Classic & 2020's Life Lessons

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True Love Movement is 10 years old! Join us in our celebrations. Follow the hashtag #TenYearsofTruthAndLoveTLM
Over the last decade, True Love Movement has supported many people to discover and operate in their "Highest Selves". Although counseling and coaching help the person by providing the support to heal, everything about a person's existence must change, therefore the real work of transformation happens through the person who desires transformation. True Love Movement chooses to support in the self-transformation of others by offering several wholistic and creative mediums that inspire True Change. As an author, Ayanna has written three books and a workbook: Run Away Girl, Keep it High: Thoughts in a New Light and the newest book "What Twenty Twenty Taught Me". Her first workbook "Emotional Healing:101" provides mental health education for women and adolescents of color. All of Ayanna's books leave the transformation up to the reader as she authentically and vulnerably shares the truth of her story. She is a storyteller and knows that healing can come for the writer and the reader, as she has healed tremendously by telling her own story. Ayanna is also a poet, spoken word artist, emcee and performing artist. All of her work is dedicated to the healing and transformation of all people through the self-healing of the Black woman. For our decade anniversary, True Love Movement is offering new ventures that inspire the complete self transformation of those who dare to join in! #TenYearsOfTruthAndLoveTLM
True Love Movement does much more than sell products! True Love Movement is a wellness company that promotes well-being through professional mental health counseling and coaching. Our products promote healing; every book, all workbooks and every t-shirt simply inspire!

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